HAROLD ELMORE IS AN AWARD-WINNING ENTREPRENEUR, Business Trainer and former Pilot. As a successful Business Owner, his greatest passion is condensing his vast experience into powerful strategies and systems to allow individuals to achieve success in business while achieving fulfillment in life. In this book, Harold condenses his experience, struggles and achievements to enhance the journey of those who are ready to explode beyond the nine-to-five box. He and his beautiful wife, Donna, can be seen on their bright yellow Harley Davidson on the scenic highways across the country.


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Of the many books written on the subject of success, Harold walks with you in your journey for success. Not by giving you unreachable or unrealistic concepts but a by starting with the foundation of building a successful life. If you want to know who you are and why you are here to be a success, then this book is a must read. Harold knows this because he has walked this path and faced the obstacles conquering each of them to become the man he was created to be. I know this because I knew Harold before he began his journey and what he has become as a result." - Jon L. Estes

"It is my pleasure to recommend this book to you by Harold Elmore. Harold is an expert in the field of business success. It has been my joy to watch him use his skills to bring transformation to many lives, families, businesses, churches and communities. As you read, you will notice that he is real, transparent, and filled with wisdom that will benefit everyone." - Patrick Fuller


KIM FLETCHER IS A MASTER LIFE COACH, Author and Professional Speaker. Her extensive background as a Physical Therapist, College Instructor, Disability Advocate and Entrepreneur have equipped Kim with skills in the areas of facilitating freedom, unleashing potential and creating lasting results for clients. The Tension Point concepts emerged from more than a decade of coaching clients to break through invisible walls separating them from reaching their ultimate potential personally and professionally. Kim works globally and relaxes at her favorite beach in Maui, Hawaii.












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